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Discover More With Less

With an abundance of park data and editorial content, a better way to organize all of it was needed. With a new interface, utilizing a tab structure, iconic buttons featuring targeted content-rich categories and enhanced user interactivity, more part information is provided in a compact, organized and visually appealing way, bringing more value to these pages. All this was done within quick deadlines and pre-existing media limitations and page structure (content feeds, image crops…).

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In With the New

Graceful With the Old

With advances in CSS, modern browsers are able to render more visually complex and interactive content. These buttons are created with pure CSS and HTML, without the use of images (other than the icons which can now utilize font characters however, the steak holders preferred my custom icons).

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Lots of Weather

Custom weather icons were created for GORP park weather reports. A different icon for around 60 different weather conditions were designed.


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